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War for the Planet of the Apes

is a 2017 American science fiction film directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomback and Reeves. A sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), it is the third installment in the Planet of the Apes reboot series. The film stars Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn, and follows a confrontation between the apes, led by Caesar, and the humans for control of Earth. Like its predecessor, its premise shares several similarities to the fifth film in the original series, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, but it is not a direct remake.


Two years after the misanthropic bonobo Koba attacked the human survivors in San Francisco[9], Caesar and his tribe of intelligent apes have been forced against a rogue U.S. military faction known as Alpha-Omega. Led by a ruthless colonel, Alpha-Omega employs many apes formerly loyal to Koba, derogatorily called “donkeys”.

An Alpha-Omega platoon launches an attack on an ape outpost, but it fails and four soldiers, including one named Preacher and a “donkey” gorilla named Red, are captured. Caesar releases the soldiers, hoping the display of mercy will show the Colonel that the apes are not savages; Red escapes by injuring the albino gorilla Winter. Later, Caesar’s eldest son Blue Eyes and lieutenant Rocket return from a long journey. Blue Eyes reports that they found a place across the desert that is ideal for the apes. Despite an uneasy Winter asserting that the apes should leave immediately, Caesar decides they need to prepare first. That night, the Colonel leads a team of soldiers in infiltrating the apes’ home, killing Blue Eyes and Caesar’s wife Cornelia; Caesar unsuccessfully attempts to prevent the Colonel’s escape. Afterward, the apes are unable to find Winter, who they believe betrayed them out of fear.

In the morning, the tribe gathers to journey to safety. Leaving his youngest son, Cornelius, in the care of Blue Eyes’ wife Lake, Caesar departs to exact revenge while serving as the decoy for the other apes. Accompanied by Rocket, his orangutan adviser Maurice, and his gorilla lieutenant Luca, the apes enter a seemingly abandoned village, where they come upon a soldier who deserted the Colonel’s army. Caesar kills him in self-defense. They then discover a mute girl, who Maurice befriends and adopts, giving her a small rag doll. They then find Winter at a beachside military camp, having become a “donkey”. They confront Winter, who tells Caesar that the Colonel departed for the border, to meet more soldiers. Winter then attempts to call out for help, but the other apes restrain him, and Caesar accidentally suffocates him. While following the military, the apes discover soldiers who have been shot and left for dead. Their examination of a surviving soldier reveals that he is mute like the girl. Caesar then kills him in an act of mercy.

Later, the apes give chase after a hooded figure who stole one of their horses and are surprised to discover he is an intelligent ape from another zoo, named Bad Ape. While camping with Bad Ape, they discover that he knows where the border is and he hesitantly agrees to lead them there. The group reaches the border, where they see a quarantine facility. While attempting to get a closer look, Luca is killed protecting Caesar from some soldiers. Enraged, Caesar decides to proceed alone rather than continue to endanger his allies. While there, however, Caesar learns that Alpha-Omega captured his tribe and are forcing them to build a wall without food or water. Caesar is then captured by Red, who brings him to the Colonel. He is forced to work with the other apes, and when he inspires them to stop working, the Colonel threatens to kill Caesar to get the apes to continue.

Caesar deduces that the Colonel is barricading the facility to fend off other military forces who are against him for killing his own soldiers. The Colonel informs Caesar that the Simian Flu virus had mutated, and the human carriers subsequently became mute and devolved into a primitive state. He then has Caesar tortured with starvation to force the other apes to work. The mute girl, named Nova by Maurice, sneaks into the facility to give Caesar food, water, and her rag doll. To prevent her from being discovered, Rocket allows himself to be captured as a diversion. The next day, the Colonel comes to see if Caesar is still alive, and confiscates the doll upon discovering it. Together, Caesar and Rocket are able to work out a means of escape via an underground tunnel leading out of the facility. Though the plan is successful, Caesar remains behind to confront the Colonel as the facility is attacked by remnants of the military. Finding the Colonel infected by the virus from contact with Nova’s doll, Caesar chooses not to kill him, instead watching him commit suicide.

The escaping apes are caught in the crossfire between the two armies while Red watches uncertainly. Caesar attempts to blow up a large fuel tank to take out the Alpha-Omega forces from behind, but he is shot with a crossbow by Preacher. Red then uses a grenade launcher to kill Preacher, saving Caesar’s life, before he is killed by a soldier. Caesar succeeds in blowing up the tank and escapes the facility as it is destroyed in a chain reaction, resulting in an avalanche that wipes out the military. The apes, carrying Nova, all survive by climbing nearby trees. They then cross the desert to find an oasis. While the other apes celebrate their new home, Maurice discovers Caesar’s fatal wound. He promises to tell Cornelius who his father was and what he did for the apes. Caesar then dies peacefully while Maurice mourns his death and the other apes look on.

Alien: Covenant

is a 2017 science fiction horror film directed and produced by Ridley Scott and written by John Logan and Dante Harper, from a story by Michael Green and Jack Paglen. A joint American and British production, the film is a sequel to Prometheus (2012) and is thus the second installment in the Alien prequel series and the sixth installment overall in the Alien film series, as well as the third directed by Scott. The film features returning star Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston, with Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demián Bichir in supporting roles. It follows the crew of a colony ship that lands on an uncharted planet and makes a terrifying discovery.


In a prologue, business magnate Peter Weyland speaks with his newly activated android, who chooses the name “David” after observing Michelangelo’s statue of David. Weyland tells David that one day they will search for mankind’s creator together. David comments on his own unlimited lifespan compared to his creator’s limited one, which unsettles Weyland.

In 2104, 10 years after the Prometheus expedition, the colonization ship Covenant is bound for remote planet Origae-6, with two thousand colonists in stasis and 1,140 human embryos aboard. The ship is monitored by Walter, a newer android model that physically resembles David. A neutrino blast damages the ship, killing 47 colonists. Walter orders the ship’s computer to wake the crew of 15, which includes several married couples. The ship’s captain, Jake Branson, dies when his stasis pod malfunctions and he is burned alive inside the pod. While repairing the ship, the crew picks up a radio transmission of a human voice from a nearby planet, which appears eminently more habitable than Origae-6 (still 7 years away). Despite the protests of Daniels, Branson’s widow, that this new “perfect” planet is too good to be true, newly-promoted captain Oram decides that they are going to divert and check the new planet.

With pilot Tennessee maintaining Covenant in orbit, his wife Maggie flies a small lander to the Earth-like planet’s surface, where an expedition team tracks the transmission’s signal to a crashed alien ship. Crew members Ledward and Hallett are infected by spores from a black fungus-like organism. Oram’s wife Karine helps the increasingly ill Ledward back to the lander where Maggie quarantines them inside the med-bay. A small, pale, alien neomorph bursts from Ledward’s back, killing him, and then kills Karine. Maggie attempts to kill the creature with a shotgun, but triggers an explosion which kills her and destroys the lander. Nearby, another neomorph bursts from Hallett’s mouth, killing him as well.

The neomorphs attack the remaining crew and kill Ankor. The crew manages to kill a neomorph before David, who survived the Prometheus mission, scares away the other, and leads the crew to a temple in a city full of dead humanoids. David tells them that upon his and fellow Prometheus survivor Elizabeth Shaw’s arrival at the planet, their ship released a black liquid bio-weapon which annihilated the native population and that Shaw died when the ship crashed in the ensuing chaos. The crew members attempt to contact the Covenant but are prevented by fierce storms. When a neomorph infiltrates the structure and kills Rosenthal, David tries to communicate with the creature, and is horrified when Oram kills it. Oram questions David, who reveals that the aliens are a result of his experimenting with the black liquid in an attempt to create a new species. He manipulates Oram into being attacked by a facehugger alien. An alien xenomorph later erupts from Oram’s chest, killing him.

As the others search for Oram and Rosenthal, Walter finds Shaw’s dissected corpse, used by David as material for his evolving creature designs. David explains that he believes humans are a dying species and should not be allowed to colonize the galaxy. When Walter disagrees, David disables him, and threatens Daniels. Walter recovers (being a superior model capable of self-repair) and fights with David while Daniels escapes. A facehugger attacks security chief Lope, which is briefly attached to his face before being cut off by crew member Cole. Lope survives but with acid burns to his face. The now fully grown Xenomorph kills Cole, while Lope escapes and meets up with Daniels. Tennessee arrives in another lander to extract Daniels, Lope, and Walter, who claims David has “expired”. They successfully kill the attacking Xenomorph and return to the Covenant.

The next morning, Daniels and Tennessee find out that another Xenomorph burst from Lope’s chest, killing him, and is loose on the Covenant. It matures, and kills crew members Ricks and his wife Upworth. Remaining crew members Tennessee and Daniels lure the creature into the Covenant’s terraforming bay and kill it.

The Covenant resumes its trip to Origae-6. As Walter helps Daniels into stasis, she realizes that he is in fact David, but is unable to escape her pod before falling asleep. David regurgitates two facehugger embryos and places them in cold storage alongside the human embryos. He then poses as Walter to record a log stating that all crewmembers except Daniels and Tennessee were killed by the neutrino blast at the beginning of the film and that the ship is still on course for Origae-6.